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Balaton Sound Festival


Budapest part 2: Mixed Feelings by Day

Budapest, beautiful historical gem at the Danube. Lots of people are visiting and hyping you, expecting a rough cosmopolitan diamond infused with historical legacy and contemporary bohemianism. I have to admit, I was one of those people before I visited you. Now I have mixed feelings, I’m truly sorry…

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Budapest part 1: Night Life in Ruins

This trip to the Eastern part of Europe was in fact a quadruple summer bonanza: Fly to Budapest, swim ‘n party at the Heineken Balaton Sound Festival, take the train to Bratislava, and topping it off with a boat trip over the Danube to Vienna

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Stockholm’s Summer Breeze


Mmm.. where to start with this one. I arrived here during the summer with one of my mates, not really sure what to expect from Sweden’s capital. Me and the lads had been on a short but intense (party) trip…

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